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Omar Ahmad


Mr. Ahmad has been working in the driving simulation field since 1994 and has extensive experience in the areas of autonomous agent behavior modeling, scenario authoring, simulator fidelity and extracting measures from simulator data. His Master’s thesis focused on developing a framework for specifying the behavior of intelligent agents in a virtual environment. He applied this research to modeling the behavior of intelligent traffic in a driving simulator as a Graduate Assistant and Project Analyst at the Iowa Driving Simulator. Mr. Ahmad was part of the software engineering team that wrote the software for the National Advanced Driving Simulator.

Mr. Ahmad has served as the project manager for a number of simulation-based research studies related to studying vehicle safety and human performance in the areas of active safety, impairment, driver distraction and driver modeling. He currently serves in the role of Deputy Director of NADS and is actively engaged in work related to virtual proving grounds for connected and automated vehicles, multi-site simulation studies, and matching simulator fidelity requirements to various applications. Mr. Ahmad is Co-Chair of the National Academies Transportation Research Board Committee on Simulation and Measurement of Vehicle and Operator Performance and a member of the Committee on Motorcycles and Mopeds.

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