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Jane Moeckli


Jane Moeckli is a Research Assistant III at the National Advanced Driving Simulator. She is nearing completion of her PhD in Geography at the University of Iowa, where she has specialized in nature-society theory, feminist geography, and cultural iterations of economic geography.

Through ethnographic research in beauty salons, she's documented inter- and intra-organizational dynamics that shape workers' identities and lifestyles within salons and between salons and their supplier firm. Her work contributes to discussions of the socio-spatial production of work places through documenting and theorizing about the effects of "ephemeral spatial events," like conferences and conventions, on work life. Because the businesses she examines have well-established corporate cultures that value environmental and social responsibility, Jane also contributes to interdisciplinary discussions about corporate social responsibility by examining the role of "responsibility" as an organizing principle within organizational cultures. Her interests in responsibility and in ephemeral spatial events inform her research directive at the NADS to better understand safety culture generally, and the culture of the road and driving, specifically.

She's also participated in several outreach events at the simulator, most notably traveling to area high schools with the novice driver research team at the NADS in order to talk frankly with teens about safe driving.

She is an avid fan of smart television, NPR, and garage sales.


Lee, J., Moeckli, J., Brown, T., Roberts, S., Victor, T., Marshall, D., Schwarz, C., Nadler, E. (2013, July). Detection of driver distraction using vision-based algorithms. Paper presented at 23rd International Enhanced Safety of Vehicles Conference.
Brown, T., Fiorentino, D., Salisbury, S. E., Lee, J., Moeckli, J. (2009, February). Final Task 1 letter report: Advanced vehicle-based countermeasures for alcohol-related crashes.

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