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Cheryl Roe


Ms. Roe has been working in research since 2001 and has extensive experience in the areas of study coordination, naturalistic driving, and video coding. During her 11 years at the National Advanced Driving Simulator (NADS), Ms. Roe has served as the lead study coordinator, handling study logistics including IRB applications, document preparation, participant recruitment, staff protocol training, data integrity, and scheduling participants, simulator device, and staff. These studies covered a range of driving research topics including distraction, drug and alcohol impairment, sleep deprivation, new in-vehicle technologies, and novice and older driver populations. Ms. Roe has experience with drug dispensing and the use of various medical devices. At the Holden Comprehensive Cancer Center, Ms. Roe managed a Pancreatic and Gastrointestinal Bio specimen and Database Repository which required her to identify potential subjects, abstract, and enter relevant clinical and laboratory findings into databases, as well as coordinate the collection, processing and storage of blood & tissue samples obtained from consented patients. While at the Public Policy Center, she coordinated all aspects of a naturalistic driving research project investigating foot pedal behavior, assisting in the development of the data recording equipment and analysis tool, as well as developing the video coding protocol and operationally defining the pedal misapplications identified in the videos.

Ms. Roe currently manages the TraumaHawk project, designed to help providers at hospital emergency rooms prepare for motor vehicle crash victims. She is also developing a video coding methodology for seatbelt use in naturalistic driving and participating in data collection that will evaluate driver’s trust, knowledge, and willingness to use advanced vehicle safety technologies.

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