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Michelle Reyes


Ms. Reyes is a research associate who has led and contributed to a variety of research efforts concerning human factors in the driving domain. She has been a co-investigator and analyst for five naturalistic driving studies of in-vehicle feedback for teen drivers. Ms. Reyes has also researched fatal crash involvement for young drivers, graduated driver licensing policy, and seat belt policy. She has more than ten years of experience using driving simulators to investigate driver distraction, impairment, workload, and performance. Ms. Reyes is a specialist in data reduction, converting raw data from several different driving simulator platforms—as well as secondary task interfaces, eye trackers, physiological sensors, and facial thermography—into summary variables suitable for analysis. She is first author of book chapters titled “Simulator Data Reduction” in the Handbook of Driving Simulation for Engineering, Medicine, and Psychology, and “Young Drivers” in Human Factors in Traffic Safety, 3rd Ed. Ms. Reyes was a recipient of the Jerome H. Ely Award for the best article published in Volume 44 of Human Factors for 2002. Ms. Reyes is a member of the National Academies Transportation Research Board Operator Education and Regulation Committee.


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