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David Heitbrink


David Heitbrink is a Software Engineer at the National Advanced Driving Simulator. His primary responsibilities include maintaining the scenario-authoring tool called ISAT, scenario control system (both the A.I. controlling simulated vehicles populating the scenario, and the logical control for the scenario), audio simulation system, logical road information database system, and other software critical to the operation of NADS-1 & 2 and the miniSim.

Mr. Heitbrink received his Bachelors of Science from the University of Toledo in Computer Science and Engineering. He continued to receive is Master of Science in Engineering at the University of Toledo in the spring of 2005.

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Ahmad, O., Heitbrink, D., Schwarz, C., Wagner, G. (2016, June). Measuring the Latency of the NADS-1 Simulator. Paper presented at IMAGE 2016 Conference.
Heitbrink, D., Veit, A., Muller, D., Cable, S. (2015, July). NADS Imaging System Upgrade. Paper presented at IMAGE 2015.
Heitbrink, D. (2011, June). Scripting Automation for a Graphical Scenario Authoring System. Paper presented at IMAGE.
Heitbrink, D., Cable, S. (2007, September). Design of a Driving Simulation Sound Engine. Paper presented at DSC-NA 2007.

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