Quarter Cab miniSim

The Quarter Cab miniSim has an anodized aluminum chassis with carpet, dashboard, wheel, pedals and driver controls that accurately mimic a real car from the driver’s perspective. It's perfect for mid-budget research institutes who require greater realism.

NADS miniSim™ Driving Simulators

The NADS miniSim™ is a PC-based driving simulator. The software and hardware have been developed by NADS to facilitate a wide variety of research applications.

Every effort has been made to build and deliver a high-value, reliable, simulator system. An added benefit is that all the software tools are the same tools used by NADS staff on a daily basis for conducting driving and related research. This ensures a deep knowledge base, ongoing support, and continuous improvement by users who understand your research needs. Our software tools are available at no charge and deliver flexible, high performance simulation technology in any cab configuration.

NADS miniSim™ Software and PC

The software delivered with all miniSim simulators consists of the following tools:

  • The Tile Mosaic Tool (TMT) for assembling a road network from a library of 95 road/landscape segments called ‘Tiles’. You use the TMT to connect them together, control LODs, and export a complete database to the ISAT and miniSim. NADS can also create new tiles or modify existing ones to meet your specific needs.
  • The Interactive Scenario Authoring Tool (ISAT) for building scenarios on the assembled database. The ISAT is windows-based and does not require scripting.
  • The miniSim runs the scenario on the assembled database and provides both real-time measures and a comprehensive data acquisition file for post-processing in Matlab.
  • The nDaqTools are NADS-design interfaces for Matlab to define the measures to be calculated, and to organize and control the data reduction process.

The typical miniSim™ PC hardware specification is as follows:

  • Tower case
  • Windows 10 Pro
  • ASUS ASRock X99X Killer Motherboard
  • Intel Core i7 3.6GHz 6-Core Processor
  • 2 SSD in RAID (500 Gb ea, 500 Gb usable)
  • 32 GB DDR4 SDRAM
  • NVidia GeForce GTX 1080 and GTX 1050Ti GPUs

Description: Quarter-Cab Cab miniSim™ Driving Simulator

The miniSim™ Driving Simulator with Quarter Cab, and Operator Display.

The Quarter-CAB simulator will be provided with the following features:

  • LCD display that will act as the virtual instrument cluster
  • Real-vehicle seat, steering wheel with column gear selector, and pedals
  • Instrumented Turn Signals, Horn, Response Buttons, Gear Selector, Headlights, Wipers
  • Active DirectX Steering Loader from SimXperience
  • 2.1 channel sound system with vibration transducer under seat
  • Audio Amplifier with External Controls
  • Single rack-mounted PC
  • Three 1080p LED LCD widescreen displays of 48” diagonal measurement, with Canopy.
    • Horizontal FOV 138 to 180 degrees1
    • Vertical FOV 27 to 50 degrees2
  • A 24” operator LCD for miniSim, ISAT and TMT interfaces

Quarter-Cab miniSim™ Dimensions and Specifications

Quarter Cab Dimensions v3.png

Costs: Quarter Cab miniSim™:

Quarter Cab miniSim™ - $49,250

  • miniSim Computer - Rackmount Case
  • Automotive Steering Wheel and Column
  • Automotive Pedals and Gear Selector
  • Tilt Wheel Adjustment
  • SimXperience Active Steering Loader
  • Automotive Black Vinyl Seat
  • Tactile Transducer and Amplifier
  • Instrument Panel Display and Dashboard
  • 2.1 Audio (Front L/R and Subwoofer)
  • Integral PC mounting

Display System:

  • (3) 48" LED LCD and Stand - $6,750
    • 15' DVI cables
    • Matrox Triple Head Adapter

Installation and Training:

  • On-Site Installation, 2-days onsite - $13,700
    • Setup of Quarter-Cab Simulator
    • miniSim and TMT Training on-site
    • ISAT and nDAQTools remotely


  • Quarter Cab with 3x48" Displays - $4,000


  • Customer pays shipping (FOB Iowa City, freight collect)


  • NADS Video Capture System (HD SDI Cameras) - $10,600
    • PC, LCD Display, Keyboard, Mouse
    • NADS VidCap Software Installed and tested
  • NADS Springfield Road Network - $5,250
  • Remote Training (ISAT only) - $2,775
  • Standing Desk - $300


  • Quarter Cab production time is 16-18 weeks. Lead times are from the date of the Award Activation Notice issued by the Department of Sponsored Programs (DSP).


  • The option exists for the user to supply some of the parts according to a NADS-supplied shopping list.
  • Shipping is not included. The customer pays directly for shipping.
  • Alternative shipping options include:
    • Quarter Cab systems may be moved by Padded Mover. Cost can be advantageous over traditional crating and freight. Contact NADS for details.
  • Technical specs may change at any time due to hardware changes or availability.