Springfield Road Network

Springfield ovw maponly.jpg

NADS Springfield 2017 Custom Road Network

The Springfield Road Network consists of a large Interstate Highway loop, rural roads, and urban and residential areas. NADS will supply this road network with sample scenarios and external reference scenarios that which set the traffic, signs, and signals. Ambient oncoming traffic is provided via the ISAT traffic manager function. More complex custom scenarios can be delivered to meet customer specifications at additional cost.

  • Built, Tested, and Ready to Go!
  • Ambient Traffic
  • Large, Diverse Environment
    • 285 square miles
    • 230 miles of roadway
    • 178 intersections
    • 143 traffic signals
    • 1362 signs
  • Supports many applications
    • Automation Development
    • UI Testing
    • Distraction
    • Outreach, Education

Springfield Road Network Screenshots: