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Foot placement during error and pedal applications in naturalistic driving

Document Number:N2017-005
Document Type:Journal paper
Author(s):Yuqing Wu
Linda Ng Boyle
Daniel McGehee
Cheryl A. Roe
Kazutoshi Ebe
James Foley
Publication / Venue Name:Accident Analysis & Prevention
Publication Date:2017-02-01
Abstract:Data from a naturalistic driving study was used to examine foot placement during routine foot pedal movements and possible pedal misapplications. The study included four weeks of observations from 30 drivers, where pedal responses were recorded and categorized. The foot movements associated with pedal misapplications and errors were the focus of the analyses. A random forest algorithm was used to predict the pedal application types based the video observations, foot placements, drivers’ characteristics, drivers’ cognitive function levels and anthropometric measurements. A repeated multinomial logit model was then used to estimate the likelihood of the foot placement given various driver characteristics and driving scenarios. The findings showed that prior foot location, the drivers’ seat position, and the drive sequence were all associated with incorrect foot placement during an event. The study showed that there is a potential to develop a driver assistance system that can reduce the likelihood of a pedal error.
Body:No files listed
Copyright:Elsevier Ltd.
Keywords:Pedal errors
Foot placement
Random forest tree
Mixed effects model
Naturalistic driving study

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