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How do I get to NADS?

How to work with us...

The NADS is open for use by anyone interested in conducting driving-based development and research. This is a national, shared-use facility that has collaborated with industry, military and federal and state governments.

Work at the NADS can be done in a variety of ways, including (but not limited to):

Using our suite of driving simulators and in-house expertise to conduct research and/or clinical studies.

Utilizing our experience to design and build a driving simulator specifically for your needs.
Collaborating with our staff and faculty to enhance the functionality of your existing simulation platform.

Utilizing our expertise in writing in-house simulation software to develop applications suited for your needs.


Some examples of previous collaborations:

NHTSA used the NADS-1 to conduct research on the effects of advanced vehicle systems such as Electronic Stability Control (ESC). Research has provided critical data about participant reaction to loss-of-control situations that can only be performed safely and realistically in a high-fidelity driving simulator such as the NADS-1.

The FDA used the NADS-2 to validate a vision test that would provide sponsors with an alternative for evaluating a new ophthalmic device while providing the FDA with valuable information regarding the impact of such products on public health and safety.

U.S. Army TACOM used our expertise in designing a real-time off-road terrain virtual environment.

A defense contractor in Europe had NADS design and implement the core simulator software for their military truck driver training simulation product.


NADS key contacts:
Herm picture Daniel V. McGehee
Omar picture Omar Ahmad
Deputy Director
All of the above can be contacted by writing to:
For media communications:
Kristine Roggentien
For tour requests:
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