Thedriving simulator is ideally suited to academic and clinical research, and applied R&D. Backed by decades of development and human-factors research experience, the miniSim is a sophisticated and affordable solution.

Built-in automation simplifies investigation of human-automation interaction at a variety of automation levels.

Options include eye-tracking, video recording, infotainment, haptic seat, and custom integration.

Natural applications for miniSim™:

Research Development Clinical Training & Outreach

Turnkey hardware configurations:

Desktop Simplified Cab Quarter Cab Half Cab



Supported by a team of engineers and researchers.


Configurable for a wide variety of applications.


Connect with a network of users using the same tools, including the researchers at NADS.


Deliver better results at a modest cost.


miniSim scalability miniSim scalability


Whether it’s for an academic institution, government agency, or medical center, the miniSim is the tool you can rely on for accurate, repeatable results.

Be confident that the NADS miniSim team will be with you every step of the way. We use the same tools daily to answer research questions; let our experience help you!


Supports Level 1 and 2 Automation and Transfer of Control.

Optional Road Network API and Behaviors Library for advanced automation development.

Well suited as a either a base loading task for the evaluation of HMI devices, or a test system for system evaluation to the Visual-Manual NHTSA Driver Distraction Guidelines

miniSim infotainment display Following gap adjustment application (app)
miniSim miniSim miniSim


Portable and configurable to your clinical trial needs, the miniSim can be used almost anywhere. Capture a broader sample and run more subjects faster utilizing multiple identical simulators. Let our expertise in human-subject research and simulator engineering work for you!

Training and Outreach

The miniSim can be configured to educate drivers or deliver your message to an audience. With a variety of hardware options available, including portable laptop-based systems, our team can deliver a custom solution specific for your needs!

miniSim miniSim

Our clients include


Need hardware help?

NADS' engineers and software developers work hand-in-hand. Over the years, they have created scores of simulators, ranging from the traditional to the exotic.

Standard configurations



Small footprint desk-mounted simulator with the same powerful and flexible miniSim software found on our largest systems.

Our most affordable research driven simulator.


Simplified Cab


Anodized aluminum chassis with carpet, stationery wheel and pedals, real car seat, plenty of driver controls and multiple display options.

Our most popular driving simulator.


Quarter Cab


Anodized aluminum chassis with carpet, dashboard, wheel, pedals and driver controls that accurately mimic a real car from the driver’s perspective.

Perfect for mid-budget research institutes who require greater realism.


Half Cab


Our flagship miniSim. A real car halved just behind the front seats.

All automobile controls, functions and features are retained. Display options include 180-degree projection screen.

As close to real as it gets.


Add-On Options

Springfield Road Network


An extensive pre-configured network of freeway, urban, residential, and rural roads ready to go. Great for testing Automated, Connected, and ADAS algorithms.


Infotainment System


An OEM-style infotainment system with basic NAV functions, media player, and radio. All interactions are logged in miniSim data stream. We can customize!


Video Capture


Optional high definition 4-camera recording systems for research organizations that need to video record drives.


Eye Tracking

Eye tracking with a miniSim

Eye Tracking systems synchronized with the miniSim data collection.


Vehicle Automation

While Lane Following and enhanced ACC are standard on all miniSim simulators, we have more advanced solutions such as a behavior library, Virtual World API, and handoff of control to external systems.


miniSim Services

Virtual Environments
Custom Scenarios


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About Us

Our software is based on the state-of-the-art driving simulation technology that has been developed through decades of research at the National Advanced Driving Simulator and The University of Iowa.

The National Advanced Driving Simulator (NADS) is a self-sustained transportation safety research center at the University of Iowa’s Research Park. NADS utilizes its suite of world-class driving simulators and instrumented vehicles to conduct research studies for the private and public sectors. NADS is staffed by 18 full-time employees who specialize in studying the connection between humans and vehicles.