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NADS-2 Cutaway pictureNADS-2

The NADS-2 is a fixed base version of the NADS-1 with a limited forward field of view. This simulator features high resolution projectors with a physical glare source for simulating the glare from headlights of oncoming vehicles. It uses the same interchangable cabs as the NADS-1.

This is an ideal complement to the NADS-1 for simulation needs that don't require motion or wrap-around visuals.










NADS Simulators
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The world's most advanced ground vehicle simulator
NADS MiniSim picture

NADS miniSim™

Advanced driving techology in a portable package

All NADS simulators are fully compatible with each other, allowing experiments developed on one platform to be seamlessly moved to another.
Why is fidelity important?

As fidelity increases, so too does the transfer of training and the accuracy of assessment, particularly among experienced or expert drivers.

Lower fidelity simulation can be used for preparation and development of scenarios or study protocols without incurring the cost of high-fidelity simulation platforms. Lower fidelity simulation is also ideal for new driver training where full immersion is not necessary.

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