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Anna Dizack



Dizack, A., McGehee, D., Wilkinson, M., Roe, C. (2019, July). Bioptic Telescopes Research.
Dizack, A., McGehee, D. (2019, March). Crash Dance. Paper presented at .
Dizack, A. (2018, September). NADS 20th Anniversary Open House.
Dizack, A., Brown, T., Milavetz, G., McGehee, D. (2018, September). Drugged Driving: The Impact of Prescription and Illicit Drugs on Driving Performance and Safety.
Dizack, A., Marshall, D., Carney, C., Reyes, M. (2018, February). Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day.
Brown, T., Dizack, A., Ahmad, O., Milavetz, G. (2018, January). Drug Impaired Driving.
Dizack, A. (2017, August). Toyota CSRC Press Release .

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