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Rose Schmitt


Rose Schmitt is an experienced research assistant and data collection coordinator with extensive experience in the development and conduct of research studies. She leads the Research Logistics group at NADS. Her role includes assisting in data collection, be it in the field or onsite using the NADS simulators. In addition to general data collection, she recruits, screens, schedules, consents, and briefs/de-briefs study participants. She is the primary individual responsible for managing the NADS recruitment email account and NADS recruitment registry. Ms. Schmitt creates and modifies project submissions to the IRB and performs delegate functions for several NADS investigators. This includes the development of study materials. She maintains the appropriate study logs for each study as well as maintains regulatory documentation for a variety of studies, including clinical drug studies. Ms. Schmitt assists with HRPO, OMB, and PRA submissions. She trains, monitors, supervises, and delegates research tasks to undergraduate research assistants and temporary research staff. Ms. Schmitt also contributes to proposals, annual reports, technical reports, journal articles, and conference papers.

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