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Author(s) Title Abstract Publication Date
T.L. Casavant, J.A. Kohl, Y.E. PapelisPractical use of visualization for parallel systems
Conference paper
(None listed)1/1/1992
Y.E. Papelis, T.L. CasavantXPAT: An interactive graphical tool for synthesis of concurrent software using petri nets
Conference paper
(None listed)8/1/1991
Y.E. Papelis, T.L. CasavantMathematical modeling of petri-nets for development of parallel/distributed programs
Conference paper
(None listed)10/1/1990
S.C.A. Thomopoulos, Y.E. Papelis, R. TamIRODESS: Integrated Robot Design and Simulation System
Conference paper
(None listed)12/1/1989
S.C.A. Thomopoulos, Y.E. Papelis, R. Tam, L. Nelson, D. PougouliasDesign of an integrated robot design and simulation system
Conference paper
(None listed)5/1/1988
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