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Advanced Tools for Graphical Authoring of Dynamic Virtual Environments at the National Advanced Driving Simulator

Document Number:N2000-007
Document Type:Conference paper
Author(s):Matthew C. Schikore
Yiannis E. Papelis
Ginger S. Watson
Publication / Venue Name:DSC2000
Publication Date:2000-06-27
Abstract:As the use of driving simulators becomes commonplace in various disciplines, there is increased demand for user-friendly tools that allow researchers with no expertise in software development to effectively program simulators. Often, one of the most complex, yet most important, tasks facing a potential researcher is setting up the virtual environment and orchestrating the actions of the autonomous traffic in the simulator. At the end of an experiment, analyzing and verifying the data collected during the simulation is an equally important and often time-consuming process. This paper describes a graphical tool that facilitates both the pre-experiment setup of the virtual environment and the post-experiment data reduction and analysis.
Keywords:None listed

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