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A Synthesis of Simulator Sickness Studies Conducted in a High-Fidelity Driving Simulator

Document Number:N2000-009
Document Type:Conference paper
Author(s):Ginger S. Watson
Publication / Venue Name:DSC2000
Publication Date:2000-07-18
Abstract:This paper specifically reviews six simulator sickness studies that were conducted on a high-fidelity driving simulator at the University of Iowa. Independent measures across these studies include driving experience, age, gender, visual field, presence and absence of motion, presence and absence of 90-degree turns, and adaptation over consecutive driving trials as a function of gradually increasing vs. constant scenario intensity, gradually increasing vs. constant motion cueing, and days between trials. Dependent variables include immediate simulator sickness, prolonged simulator sickness, pulse, respiration, blood pressure, workload, perceived realism, and driving performance. The experimental design, dependent variables, independent variables, and research findings are described for each study, then compared and contrasted between studies. The focus is a synthesis of findings across all studies, including a comparison of exposure time, exposure type, and individual susceptibility, when available. The paper concludes with an overview of how these findings influence general operating procedures, experimental protocols for other simulator studies, and future research.
Body:No files listed
Keywords:simulator sickness

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