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Developing Scenarios to Determine Effects of Driver Performance: Techniques for Authoring and Lessons Learned

Document Number:N2003-010
Document Type:Conference paper
Author(s):Y. Papelis
O. Ahmad
G. Watson
Publication / Venue Name:DSCNA2
Publication Date:2003-10-08
Abstract:This paper overviews the development process for driving simulation scenarios used to obtain information about driver performance. The scenarios were targeted for use on the NADS. The development process entails the conversion of the original experimental requirements into specific interactions between the driver and the traffic or roadway. These interactions, along with the measures that would categorize performance during the interaction, are mapped into sequences that meet the experimental criteria. Following the interaction definition, the NADS scenario authoring tools were used to orchestrate the traffic so that the interactions took place reliably, consistently and independent of individual driver differences. This process, even though eventually successful, turned out to be more
challenging than originally anticipated. The paper describes some of the issues that complicated this development and how these issues were addressed. In addition, the paper includes a couple of relevant examples. Interesting trends and lessons learned from this process are described in the paper in the hope that they will benefit developers and researchers faced with similar challenges.
Copyright:None listed
Keywords:None listed

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