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Driving simulation workshop

Through funding from the Mid America Transportation Center, we are pleased to offer this virtual workshop on driving simulator research. As this site matures, you will find here a schedule for upcoming webinar broadcasts and links to archives of old broadcasts.


Feb 22, 2013
Susan Chrysler
TRB 2013 Workshop
At the 2013 Transportation Research Board Annual Meeting, Dr. Susan Chrysler of the University of Iowa and Dr. Linda Ng Boyle of the University of Washington organized a workshop on some basic issues in driving simulator research. The slides from the workshop are provided through the links on the right.

The topics covered in the 2013 TRB Workshop were:
  • Hardware Selection and Room Set-up, Dr. Richard Romano, Realtime Technologies, Inc.
  • Research Topics and Scenarios, Dr. Susan Chrysler, University of Iowa
  • Experimental Design Concepts, Dr. Linda Ng Boyle, University of Washington
  • Data Collection Procedures, Dr. Susan Chrysler, University of Iowa

You will also find a link to the training materials used by the National Advanced Driving Simulator to train our staff to identify symptoms of simulator sickness.

Check back for updates.


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