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February 10, 2021Video: Automated Driving Systems for Rural America
February 9, 2021Cloning an Automated Shuttle in COVID-19
February 9, 2021Countermeasures to Reduce Drowsy Driving
January 28, 2021Creating an Automated Shuttle for America’s Backroads
December 15, 2020The Road to the Future Runs Through Iowa
December 11, 2020TR News: The Future of Roadway Safety in the Year 2070
December 4, 2020ADS project update: Our vehicle is now becoming automated
November 20, 2020KGAN: New driving behavior a concern heading into winter
November 19, 2020Drugged driving research: Major findings 2010–2020
October 27, 2020NADS pulls in nearly $1.5M to further study transition of control in automated vehicles
October 26, 2020University of Iowa researchers focus on the transition from self-driving to manual modes in vehicles
October 2, 2020Take a 360 degree virtual tour of the National Advanced Driving Simulator
September 24, 2020The Rural Hurdle
September 8, 2020NADS provides national leadership on COVID-19 research protocols
September 2, 2020University of Iowa researchers study effects of cannabis on driving
August 10, 2020UI ramping up automated vehicle testing on local rural roads
July 15, 2020Car and Driver Magazine: We Take an $80 Million Driving Simulator for a Spin
May 19, 2020Iowa Public Radio: Excessive speeding continues; automated vehicles on rural roads
April 3, 2020The Gazette: University of Iowa puts rural autonomous driving through its paces
March 2, 2020Ars Technica visits Iowa and drives the world renowned NADS-1 driving simulator
February 10, 2020Parents play a significant role in keeping teen drivers safe
December 24, 2019The News Hour: Automated Vehicle Technology with Dr. Dan McGehee
December 5, 2019Researcher studies how to help stroke survivors function better in everyday life using miniSim
November 20, 2019Kirkwood STEAM Institute Set for Nov. 25-26
November 7, 2019KCRG: Experts stress winter driving safety following recent snowfall
October 18, 2019Touch screens in cars are distracting, so why do we keep putting them there?
October 4, 2019Iowa Researchers Prepare Rural Roads for the Future
October 2, 2019Cannabis and Driving: New Study Seeks to Understand and Measure Impairment
September 25, 2019A Cool 60 Million for Automated Driving R&D
September 24, 2019InTrans to collaborate with NADS on $7M grant to connect rural Iowa
September 24, 2019New Autonomous Vehicle Grants Announced, Congress Contemplates Legislation
September 23, 2019U.S. Secretary of Transportation Announces Automated Driving System Demonstration Grant Winners
September 19, 2019Federal grant to help NADS study automated vehicles on rural roads
September 18, 2019U.S. Secretary of Transportation Announces Automated Driving System Demonstration Grant Winners
September 18, 2019University of Iowa driving simulator awarded $7 Million federal grant
September 18, 2019DOT announces the remaining eight grants in its ADS Demonstration program
September 18, 2019U.S. DOT announces $60 million in AV research grants
September 18, 2019DOT Announces $60 Million in Grants for Automated Projects
September 18, 2019University of Iowa awarded $7 million from US DOT to test driverless technologies
September 18, 2019UI wins $7M grant to study autonomous vehicles in rural Iowa
September 16, 2019UI program teams up with Iowa DOT and Iowa State University for driverless vehicles
September 2, 2019Iowa Engineer: Celebrating 20 years of driver safety research
July 19, 2019Looking Beyond Bioptic Telescopes
July 18, 2019Fact Checker: Are drugs now a bigger factor than alcohol in traffic deaths?
July 9, 2019Talking to teens can lead to safer driving
June 9, 2019IA: Iowa City plans ahead on handling automated vehicles
June 9, 2019Iowa City plans ahead on handling automated vehicles
May 10, 2019Big Ten Bucket List - Iowa
April 24, 2019Combining arts & engineering: NEXUS hosts student open house
April 24, 20199 signs you could be a distracted driver
April 22, 2019Iowa Public Radio - Stricter Laws Governing Driver Cell Phone Use
April 11, 2019Automotive Driving Simulator Market Size, Growth, Trends, Top Players & Future Outlook In Near Years
April 10, 2019Art, science collide in dance
April 5, 2019Iowa Senate approves autonomous vehicle regulations
March 12, 2019The Crash of the Boeing 737 Max Is a Warning to Drivers, Too
March 9, 2019Tractor Simulator Studies Farm Safety
March 7, 2019Tractor simulator studies farm safety
March 7, 2019UI researchers to study distracted driving with autonomous Tesla
March 5, 2019Ely Road to be used for automated vehicle testing starting March 11
March 1, 2019Steering Iowa Toward Automated Vehicles
February 25, 2019More snow means more dangerous driving conditions
February 21, 2019Learning how automated vehicles can improve safety
February 20, 2019Iowa DOT says automated cars are in the near future
January 22, 2019Cruise control a bad idea during icy, rainy conditions
January 9, 2019Study finds more than half of Michigan medical marijuana users admit to driving while high
January 7, 2019The Road Ahead: How Do We Start to Plan for Automated Vehicles in Iowa, Today?
October 29, 2018Knowing your car's assisted driving limits
October 25, 2018A tale of two autonomous vehicles
October 20, 2018Autonomous vehicles are coming. Cities need to start planning. Now
October 16, 2018Researchers examine drivers’ understanding of vehicle safety systems
October 14, 2018Corridor's autonomous car research 'very competitive'
October 11, 2018Iowa City continues looking into impact of autonomous vehicles in town
October 10, 2018UI’s Driving Simulator celebrates 20 years of vehicle safety research
October 10, 2018UI National Advanced Driving Simulator facility celebrates 20 years
September 26, 2018UI research: Your car's blind-spot detector isn't as helpful as you think it is
September 26, 2018Study: Misconceptions of driver systems are common, can spell out danger on the road
September 26, 2018Drivers happy with new safety technology, but study finds many don’t understand what it does
September 26, 2018AAA: Many Drivers Are Unaware of Safety Tech’s Limitations
September 26, 2018Study: drivers rely too heavily on safety technology, without understanding limitations
September 26, 2018Drivers over-rely on safety tech they don't understand, AAA finds
September 26, 2018AAA: Drivers Rely Too Heavily on New Vehicle Safety Tech
September 26, 2018Drivers are unaware of limitations in vehicle safety technologies, study finds
September 26, 2018Iowa study: Most drivers rely too much on driver assistance tech
September 26, 2018Study shows drivers using car safety features overestimate capabilities
September 25, 2018AASHTO Announces 2018 Sweet Sixteen High Value Research Projects
August 22, 2018Thank you, Iowa State Fair volunteers
August 7, 2018Driving into Your Golden Years
July 24, 2018Iowa among states barring automated truck 'platoons'
July 17, 2018Thousands pulled over for texting while driving in law’s first year
July 13, 2018Paving the way for self-driving cars at the University of Iowa
July 10, 2018Iowa State Patrol Cracks Down on Texting and Driving
July 6, 2018Texting While Driving Citations Increase
July 6, 2018Citations soar for Iowa's texting drivers
June 23, 2018Rollin' Rally aims to peak interest in kids amidst truck shortage
June 12, 20182018's Best & Worst States for Teen Drivers
May 27, 2018Study shows trust in self-driving cars eroding
May 25, 2018Uber's reach in North Texas extends as food-delivery service acquires local software company
May 24, 2018Researchers say drivers can build trust in autonomous cars, despite recent accidents
May 22, 2018People are losing faith in self-driving cars following recent fatal crashes
May 20, 2018University of Iowa student aims to improve rural road safety with unique study
May 18, 2018UI student hopes tractor simulation study can make roads safer for farmers
May 4, 2018University of Iowa grad student creates simulation to decrease the number of farming fatalities
April 27, 2018A look at technology innovations in our backyard
April 3, 2018Corridor experts work to decrease distract driving car crashes
March 29, 2018President Harreld on the importance of groundbreaking UI research
March 28, 2018Pallister Researching Effects of Cannabis on Impaired Driving
March 26, 2018Premier Meets with Leading Researchers on Impacts of Drugged Driving
March 13, 2018Driving While High: Just How Dangerous Is It?
March 12, 2018Iowa Alumni Magazine: Fast Forward
March 8, 2018NADS researchers honored for work improving safety for teenage drivers
February 19, 20189 signs you could be a distracted driver
February 16, 2018Technology is key for Chamber of Commerce at banquet
February 1, 2018Lone Tree students explore careers
January 19, 2018Student researchers, scholars get spotlight in 2018 banner campaign
January 18, 2018Iowa Drivers are Needed to Test Out a New Driving App
January 17, 2018Drivers wanted to test new app
January 17, 2018UI looking for Corridor drivers to test new app
January 15, 2018Is All This New Automotive Safety Tech Working? Not If Drivers Don’t Understand It
December 8, 2017UI steering future of automated driving industry
November 29, 2017National Advanced Driving Simulator examines how self-driving cars will hold up on Iowa roads
November 29, 2017Roadway testing to soon begin for nearly driverless cars
November 28, 2017National Advanced Driving Simulator examines how self-driving cars will hold up on Iowa roads
November 16, 2017Popular YouTuber visits University of Iowa driving simulator
October 22, 2017Created in the Corridor: Crystal Group
October 11, 2017Many honored at UI’s annual Faculty and Staff Awards Banquet
October 9, 2017Touch Screens Are Distracting Drivers. What Are Carmakers Doing To Help?
October 7, 2017Volunteers sought for Iowa self driving car research project
September 28, 2017How Virtual Reality Can Help You in Actual Reality
September 27, 2017Special Report: Automated Cars
September 21, 2017What's needed for autonomous cars to come to Iowa?
August 29, 2017Iowa researchers aim to make roads safer with new technology
August 29, 2017Iowa researchers aim to make roads safer with new technology
August 13, 2017Iowa DOT sees many automated cars in I-80's future
August 9, 2017DOT: Higher levels of automation in I-80's future
August 3, 2017University of Iowa Awarded Projects through New Toyota Program
July 26, 2017STEM Day events inspire all ages to learn about potential careers
July 20, 2017President Harreld: Faculty research, scholarship key to student achievement
July 19, 2017High-tech cars not just for Spider-Man, Tony Stark
July 19, 2017Discussion on distracted driving to promote safer practices on the road
July 17, 2017UI external research funding sees uptick despite challenges
July 11, 2017Ja Young Lee wins Honda Student Paper Award at driving assessment conference
July 9, 2017Can Iowa keep up with what it needs to ship?
July 5, 2017Teaching kids safety through driving simulation
June 14, 2017Area leaders get look at newest UI driving simulator addition
June 14, 2017University of Iowa driving simulator adds to its tool kit
June 7, 2017Building virtual worlds to prep for the real one
May 29, 2017Memorial Day begins the '100 deadliest days' of the year for teens
May 15, 2017How Iowa is impacting the safety of cyclists
May 10, 2017NADS Measures Driver Interactions with Automated Driving System
May 3, 2017In Self-Steering Race, GM Maps New Path With Super Cruise
March 28, 2017Virtual reality app aims to help drivers with safety features
March 27, 2017Virtual Reality Can Help Drivers Understand the Question, "My Car Does What?"
March 22, 2017NHTSA Releases Drowsy Driving Report: "Asleep at the Wheel"
February 16, 2017NADS Thinks Big - UI Mechanical & Industrial Engineering Newsletter
February 10, 2017Iowa Public Radio River to River: Texting While Driving Legislation
February 6, 2017DITV News: Driving Simulator
February 4, 2017Iowa City and Cedar Rapids Corridor Designated Automated Vehicle Proving Ground
January 30, 2017As Drugged Driving Increases, Hard Answers Still Elusive
January 23, 2017Research on THC blood levels sheds light on difficulties of testing for impaired driving
January 23, 2017Johnson, Linn area designated 'proving ground' for self-driving car tech
January 20, 2017University of Iowa simulator named as pilot site for driverless cars
January 20, 2017Corridor to be one of 10 automated vehicle proving grounds
January 19, 2017U.S. Department of Transportation Designates 10 Automated Vehicle Proving Grounds to Encourage Testing of New Technologies
January 11, 2017UI theme semester takes on 'Our Lives Online'
January 5, 2017Safe Winter Driving Tips
December 20, 2016CR City Council Authorizes Partnership in Automated Vehicle Proving Grounds Application
December 15, 2016University of Iowa to use part of DOT grant to research driverless vehicles
December 15, 2016Driving Simulator Pushes Tech
December 14, 2016National Advanced Driving Simulator receives grant to address safety issues prioritized by US DOT
December 12, 2016Self Driving Car Tests in Michigan
December 7, 2016New study finds new methods for better understanding advanced driver assistance technologies
December 5, 2016An education on innovation in automation
December 2, 2016Phone Ban Would Reduce Traffic Deaths in Iowa (Opinion)
November 4, 2016Special Report: Sharing I-380 with self driving big rigs
October 28, 2016News Story: "Using Advanced Driver Assistance Systems to eliminate traffic deaths" (KCRG)
October 27, 2016NADS study on cannabis and driving mentioned in front page USA Today article
October 25, 2016MyCarDoesWhat Receives PR News Platinum Award for PSA
October 20, 2016Iowa Now features staffer's road to working at the NADS
October 18, 2016It's National Teen Driver Safety Week
October 18, 2016Happy Anniversary! MyCarDoesWhat Celebrates a Year of Progress
October 10, 2016News Story: "Iowa interstate to be mapped for self driving cars" (Des Moines Register)
August 29, 2016News Story: "What Hidden Safety Risks Could Your Child Face During Back-to-School Season?" (Yahoo News)
August 17, 2016Tour: Iowa House legislators tour the NADS
August 17, 2016Tour: Steve Baek (Mechanical & Industrial Engineering) tours NADS with students
August 9, 2016Tour: Representatives from LG Electronics and Karim Malek (Biomedical Engineering) tour NADS
August 8, 2016Tour: Junghwa Hong (Korea University) tours NADS with Joe Reinhardt (Biomedical Engineering)
August 5, 2016Tour: Project Lead the Way teachers tour the NADS
August 2, 2016Tour: ASA Global and China delegation tour NADS
July 26, 2016News Story: "Tech Takes Stress Out of Parking Mess" (GearBrain)
July 26, 2016News Story: "How Iowa is paving the way for self-driving cars" (Des Moines Register)
July 22, 2016Research: Ahmad presents Springfield, a virtual proving ground for automated vehicles, at Automated Vehicle Symposium in San Francisco
July 19, 2016Research: McGehee and McDonald chair session on human factors at the Automated Vehicle Symposium in San Francisco
July 19, 2016News Story: "With advanced technology, drivers still control safety" (Sacramento Bee)
July 18, 2016News Story: "NASCAR XFINITY Series Driver Brendan Gaughan Makes Stop at NADS to Illustrate Importance of STEM Curriculum" (College of Engineering)
July 15, 2016Outreach: SaferSim staff demonstrate miniSim at National Governor's Association Meeting in Des Moines
July 14, 2016News Story: "NASCAR driver tries out UI driving simulator" (KCRG-TV)
July 14, 2016Outreach: Brendan Gaughan, NASCAR driver, tours NADS to promote STEM theme for US Cellular 250 at the Iowa Speedway
July 12, 2016Tour: CCAD review committe tours NADS to gain more insight into our research center
July 11, 2016News Story: "Safer Cars and Safer Highways Through Safer Simulation" (UI Engineer)
July 8, 2016Outreach: GEICO interns tour NADS to learn more about driving safety
July 7, 2016Tour: Dr. Gunther Paul, Queensland University of Technology (Australia), tours NADS
July 7, 2016News Story: "The future is here: Self-driving cars hit the road" (KCCI TV)
June 29, 2016News Story: "Wake up! New drowsy driving initiatives discussed at Iowa City summit" (Gazette)
June 29, 2016News Story: "Law enforcement, researchers look to halt drowsy driving in Iowa" (KCRG TV)
June 29, 2016News Story: "Univ. of Iowa hosted Drowsy Driving Summit" (KGAN TV)
June 28, 2016Tour: NHTSA Administrator, Dr. Mark R. Rosekind, tours NADS and meets with UI experts on drowsy driving
June 28, 2016Research: Heitbrink presents paper on "Automated Driving in Driving Simulation" at the IMAGE Visual Simulation Conference in Dayton, Ohio
June 28, 2016Research: Ahmad presents paper on improving the latency of the NADS-1 at IMAGE Visual Simulation Conference in Dayton, Ohio
June 13, 2016News Story: "McGehee, Reininga Assume New Roles at UI Center for Computer-Aided Design"
June 10, 2016Tour: Tai Sik Lee, President of Korea Institute of Civil Engineering & Building Technology (KICT), tours NADS
June 6, 2016Tours: Siemens PLC / LMS tours NADS
May 26, 2016Tour: FHWA Research Director, Michael Trentacoste, tours NADS
May 19, 2016Outreach: SaferSim staff demonstrate dangers of texting and driving at Science Thursday
May 19, 2016Publication: NHTSA publishes NADS' research on Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC)
May 16, 2016Tour: B1G Biomedical Engineering Department Chairpersons tour NADS
May 13, 2016Outreach: Hillary Maglin (KWWL, TV7) tours NADS to collect material on story on Springfield
May 13, 2016News Story: "Researchers develop one-of-a-kind virtual city for driverless car" (KCRG)
May 13, 2016News Story: "Virtual cities may pave the way for driverless cars..." (KWWL)
May 9, 2016Outreach: Iowa Economic Development and national PR firm tours NADS
May 9, 2016Tour: Robert Duffer (Auto Journalist for Chicago Tribune) tours NADS and discusses future vehicle research
May 6, 2016News Story: "UI driving researchers develop virtual city to test vehicles of the future" (Iowa Now)
May 6, 2016Outreach: West High School engineering students tour NADS as part of career day
May 5, 2016Outreach: NADS staff help judge Industrial Engineering Senior Design Projects
April 20, 2016Outreach: Solon 7th Graders tour NADS as part of STEM worksite program
April 19, 2016News Story: "Marijuana Myths Debunked" (Iowa State Daily)
April 13, 2016Research: Gaspar presents paper on "Driver Behavior in Forward Collision and Lane Departure Scenarios" at SAE World Congress in Detroit
April 13, 2016Research: Schwarz presents paper on "The Detection of Visual Distraction using Vehicle and Driver-Based Sensors" at SAE World Congress in Detroit
April 11, 2016News Story: Watch our new video on the "intersection of the driver, the vehicle and the road"
April 8, 2016Outreach: UI Mobile Museum Launch Party includes miniSim car safety system demo
April 3, 2016News Story: miniSim to be showcased in UI Mobile Museum
March 31, 2016Meeting: UI PPC and College of Public Health representatives met at NADS to plan for the upcoming drowsiness summit
March 29, 2016Meeting: DriveSpotter, Inc. principals stopped by NADS to show off their latest technology
March 25, 2016Tour: Dr. Wayne Cai, UI Alumnus and Researcher at GM R&D, tours NADS
March 23, 2016Meeting: Iowa DOT at NADS to discuss digital mapping of roadways
March 10, 2016Meeting: Tim Brown and Shaun Vecera, Professor in Dept. of Psychology, meet to discuss proposal collaboration
March 10, 2016Tour: Joseph Sulentic, lecturer for John Pappajohn Entrepreneurial Center (JPEC), tours NADS
March 9, 2016Tour: Computer and Software Automation group from Cedar Falls tours NADS
March 8, 2016Outreach: WebsEdge, PPC and NADS take more video footage for SAE World Congress conference
March 4, 2016News Story: "Driving under the influence: cannabis vs. alcohol" (Iowa Talks, NPR)
March 2, 2016Meeting: Aisin Group visits NADS to discuss drowsiness detection
March 1, 2016Outreach: miniSim travels to Bettendorf Middle School; NADS staff engage students in driving safety issues
February 26, 2016Meeting: Alexandra Kondyli (U. of Kansas) gives lecture on posture sensing and driving at NADS
February 24, 2016Outreach: NADS and PPC promote at the Hawkeye basketball game
February 24, 2016Tour: Andrea Zeek, science writer for UIowa, visits NADS to discuss ideas for upcoming news stories
February 23, 2016Outreach: NADS miniSim and SAFER-SIM participate in the Cedar Rapids STEM festival
February 11, 2016Outreach: WebsEdge, PPC and NADS take video footage for SAE World Congress conference
February 8, 2016Meeting: Joe Reinhardt, professor in Biomedical Engineering, tours NADS
February 5, 2016Meeting: Tom Banta, Iowa City Area Development Group, visits NADS to discuss automated vehicles
February 3, 2016News Story: In Depth CBC article includes research from NADS on cannabis and driving
February 3, 2016News Story: NADS Cannabis Research Featured in CBC news story.
January 28, 2016Outreach: Marshall and Brown lead Lone Tree High School Students on a tour of NADS
January 15, 2016Tour: Dr.Birdie Scott Parker from Australia's U. of Sunshine Coast tours NADS
January 5, 2016Outreach: CBC Canada visits NADS to shoot footage for cannabis news story
December 29, 2015News Story: Denver Post's story "Colorado still not sure whether legal marijuana made roads less safe" cites study at NADS
December 21, 2015Tour: Joe Kearney, Associate Dean for Research, and visitors from GM tour NADS
December 17, 2015Outreach: National Safety Council shoots footage for video on vehicle Automatic Emergency Braking (AEB) systems
December 15, 2015Meeting: National Safety Council and discuss vehicle safety including cognitive distraction
December 7, 2015Tour: Iowa Economic Development Authority (IEDA) representatives from China, Japan and Taiwan tour NADS
December 4, 2015Meeting: FHWA’s Iowa Division toured NADS and sat down for a discussion on highway safety issues
November 30, 2015Tour: Automated vehicle researcher from Czech Republic, Václav Jirovsky, tours NADS
November 20, 2015News Story: "UI vehicle research: 'A window into the future'" (Press Citizen)
November 17, 2015Outreach: Boy Scout Troop 212 tours NADS
November 13, 2015Tour: Former CCAD Director (VC Patel) and guest tour NADS
November 3, 2015Meeting: UI campus planning staff meet with Shawn Allen to discuss Virtual Iowa City
October 29, 2015Outreach: AARP driving instructors from across the State of Iowa tour NADS
October 19, 2015News Story: "Old runway could be used for driverless car testing" (Gazette)
October 13, 2015Tour: Peter Chanthanakone, 3D animated film expert and UI Art Faculty, tours NADS
October 8, 2015Tour: Philip Borch, systems engineer for Moog in Netherlands, tours NADS
October 8, 2015Outreach: UIowa launches national MyCarDoesWhat campaign
October 7, 2015News Story: Daily Iowan TV reports of dangers of drowsy driving at NADS
October 5, 2015Research: Tim Brown presents paper on "Autism, Training and Driving: Predicting Future Licensure Success" at AAAM
October 3, 2015Outreach: Brian Dalziel, Senior VP of Iowa Lakes Corridor Development Corporation, tours NADS
October 2, 2015Tour: Tricia Brown, new engineering writer for UI, tours NADS
October 1, 2015Meeting: ErWei Bai, Electrical & Computer Engineering DEO, meets Director Reininga
October 1, 2015Education: UI journalism student, Robert Wongkamalasai, takes video footage at NADS for school project
September 30, 2015NADS engineer, Greg Wagner, receives longevity award for 25 years of service to the UI
September 21, 2015NADS begins the search for a new faculty Director with the College of Engineering
September 11, 2015News Story: "The NADS is big-boy 'Grand Theft Auto'" (
August 28, 2015Outreach: Peter Rugg,, tours NADS to collect material for an upcoming story
August 26, 2015Outreach: Vonnie Hampel, Senior Legislative Assistant to Congressman Loebsack (IA-02), tours NADS
August 25, 2015Tour: Corvair Bicycle Society tours NADS
August 23, 2015Outreach: Iowa State Fair is the venue for showcasing the NADS miniSim driving simulator
July 31, 2015NADS administrative associate, Mary Bender, receives longevity award for 25 years of service to the University of Iowa
July 24, 2015News Story: Dawn Marshall, NADS staff researcher, is recognized for generating over $2,000,000 in funding for this fiscal year
July 9, 2015Research: Shawn Allen, David Heitbrink and Andy Veit present papers on NADS simulation technology at IMAGE Visual Simulation Conference in Dayton, Ohio
July 9, 2015Outreach: Vice Media shoots footage for a future story on drinking and driving
June 25, 2015Research: Tim Brown presents paper on "Do Drowsy Driver Drugs Differ?" at Driver Assessment Conference in Salt Lake City
June 24, 2015Research: Tim Brown presents paper on "The Role of System Training and Exposure on Crash Warning Evaluation" at Driver Assessment Conference in Salt Lake City
June 23, 2015News Story: UI/NADS studies impact of marijuana on driving
June 23, 2015News Story: NIDA spotlights Cannabis' Effects on Driving
June 23, 2015News Story: "How Much Does Marijuana Impact Your Driving" (
June 4, 2015News Story: KCRG TV-9 shoots footage for news story on miniSim for cataract patients
June 3, 2015Reserach: Sponsor visits NADS to conduct research and development on their upcoming theme park ride
June 2, 2015News Story: miniSim driving simulator to help test new artificial lens for cataract patients
May 29, 2015News Story: Science Daily highlights recently published cannabis and alcohol chemistry findings
May 29, 2015News Story: "Autonomous road for Eastern Iowa?" (Gazette)
May 28, 2015Outreach: NADS and SaferSim UTC Host Boy Scout Troop 207
May 28, 2015Outreach: Ahmad attends symposium to discuss transportation's role in economy
May 28, 2015Outreach: NADS staff attend Transportation and Economic Development summit
May 27, 2015Research: Chemistry Results of Cannabis and Alcohol from NADS/NHTSA/NIDA study released
May 21, 2015Tour: Optometry students from Aalen University in Germany tour NADS
May 4, 2015Tour: Dr. Stephanie Pratt and Dr. Hongwei Hsiao from NIOSH tour NADS
May 4, 2015Tour: Students from the Injury Prevention Research Center’s Global Road Safety class tour NADS
April 29, 2015Tour: Dr. Ioni Lewis (Queensland Univ. of Technology) and Dr. Dan McGehee tour NADS
April 29, 2015Outreach: SaferSim hosts Solon Middle School students visit to NADS
April 27, 2015Meeting: Matthew Pitts from the U. of Warwick presents research at NADS
April 24, 2015Outreach: Calculus students from Mount Vernon High School tour NADS
April 23, 2015Jessie Chen (US Army Research Lab) tours NADS
April 23, 2015Outreach: UI Foundation’s "We Are Levitt" campaign drives through NADS
April 20, 2015Outreach: Marilyn Huestis (NIDA) holds media event at NADS on recent Cannabis and driving research study
April 16, 2015Tour: David Yang (Human Factors Team Leader at FHWA) tours NADS
April 16, 2015Research: FHWA publishes executive summary of Exploratory Advanced Research project lead by NADS
April 9, 2015Tour: Engineers from Mazda and LMS International tour NADS
April 9, 2015Tour: UI Engineering Staff Advisory Council tours NADS
March 30, 2015Meeting: Hasselt University’s transportation researchers attend miniSim training at NADS
February 23, 2015NADS publishes "The Driver's Seat" bi-annual newsletter
February 13, 2015Outreach: Iowa City Area Development Group tours NADS to learn more about new vehicle technologies
January 28, 2015Tour: Beth Alicandari, Director of FHWA’s Office of Safety Programs, tours NADS
January 27, 2015Outreach: Lone Tree High School students tour NADS
January 12, 2015Schwarz, McGehee, and Brown present poster on automated highway system at TRB conference in DC
January 11, 2015Chris Schwarz leads workshop on automated vehicles at TRB Conference in DC
December 22, 2014News Story: Public-private ’AIMS Institute’ proposed for UI campus
December 12, 2014Tour: Kinze tours NADS
December 1, 2014NADS chooses VT-MAK's human character simulation
November 18, 2014Dawn Marshall named Director of UI's SaferSim University Transportation Center at NADS
November 13, 2014Outreach: State legislators take UI research "test drive"
November 5, 2014Meeting: NADS hosts open house on trucking and new vehicle technology
November 4, 2014News Story: Iowa City - The Intersection of Driverless Policy and Testing
September 26, 2014Tour: Iowa DOT Director, Paul Trombino, tours NADS
September 17, 2014Outreach: UI Retirees Association tours NADS
September 8, 2014Research: NADS showcases connected vehicles technology at ITS World Congress Conference in Detriot
September 6, 2014Outreach: ESPN2 shows footage of NADS at nationally televised football game (Iowa vs. Ball St)
August 21, 2014Chris Schwarz quoted in the Guardian's coverage on Google's driverless cars
August 13, 2014U.S. DOT Exhibit Booth #1201 to Offer Conference Attendees a Virtual Drive Through the Future of Transportation
August 12, 2014Outreach: US Senator Harkin visits NADS as part of his farewell tour
August 8, 2014News Story: Iowa Public Radio features cannabis study at NADS
August 5, 2014Sue Chrysler recognized for attracting more than $1 million in research funding in FY14
August 4, 2014News Story: Daily Iowan reports on research funding and media day at NADS
August 1, 2014Outreach: UI President Mason and VP Reed hold press conference at NADS to announce UI external funding budget
July 27, 2014News Story: USA Today reports on "Feds test how stoned is too stoned to drive"
July 25, 2014Rivers as Bridges group tours NADS
July 22, 2014Officials trying to entice driverless vehicle technology to local area
July 14, 2014Korean Graduate Engineering students tour NADS
July 13, 2014News Story: "Could Iowa lead the way in driverless car technology?" (WeCreateHere.Net)
July 11, 2014Outreach: Upward Bound Students tour NADS
July 8, 2014NADS staff present simulation research at IMAGE Society Conference in Dayton, OH
May 19, 2014"Driving simulator helps individuals with autism"
May 15, 2014Simulator trains autistic teens to drive better
April 14, 2014News Story: NADS’ Brown featured on TV9’s news story on driver fatigue (KCRG-TV9)
April 7, 2014KCRG TV-9 reports on tire pressure research conducted by Iowa City 8th graders and NADS
April 1, 2014News Story: UI testing effects of pot on drivers
March 26, 2014Outreach: Local student chapter of Future Problem Solving Program tour NADS
March 4, 2014Students working with NADS present findings about tire PSI and gas milage
February 28, 2014Iowa Missouri Flying Farmers 2014 convention tours NADS
February 28, 2014DEP USA visits NADS
February 3, 2014Research: UI Receives $17 Million for Automotive Safety Research
January 27, 2014Meeting: Toyota Simulation Engineers from Japan visit NADS
November 16, 2013Outreach: Students visit NADS to learn more about EPA gas mileage calculators
November 8, 2013Research: NADS receives "Safety Research Using Simulator (SAFER-SIM)" grant from US DOT
October 23, 2013Tour: American Contractors Insurance Group visits NADS
October 22, 2013Brazilian High School Counselor and Laura Goddard (Admissions Counselor) tour NADS
October 22, 2013Chinese Delegation from Hebei Province and Downing Thomas (Associate Provost) tour NADS
October 14, 2013"Towards Autonomous Vehicles" graduate seminar by Chris Schwarz at Mechanical Engineering
October 10, 2013Meeting: Researchers from Sweden’s VTI and Scania visit NADS to discuss driving simulation technology
October 8, 2013Russian education ministers visit NADS
September 23, 2013Tim Brown and Gary Milavetz present papers at the AAAM Conference in Quebec City, Canada
September 4, 2013ABA Journal covers NADS' research on drinking and driving
September 2, 2013Chicago Tribune interviews Tim Brown on debate over lower legal intoxication limit
August 19, 2013News Story: miniSim Noted in New York Times Article on Drowsy Driving
July 31, 2013Iowa Engineer features medical research at NADS
June 21, 2013News Story: "Drug-impaired driving: test without crashing" (Medscape)
June 20, 2013Justin Garvin and Junior High school students tour NADS
June 19, 2013News Story: Finding opportunity in FDA focus on drugged driving
June 15, 2013John Romero, inventor of Doom and Quake, speaks to local gaming enthusiasts at NADS
May 27, 2013Research: Lee, Moeckli and Brown author paper on driver distraction detection for 23rd ESV Convference in Seoul, South Korea
May 15, 2013Gazette Quotes Brown and Ahmad on Story on NTSB's Suggestion to lower BAC limit
April 29, 2013U.S. Representative Tom Latham (3rd District Iowa) tours NADS
March 7, 2013NADS MiniSim featured in Pharmaceutical Executive Magazine
January 21, 2013Outreach: Big Ten Network shoots video footage at NADS on an upcoming story on crash warning systems
January 11, 2013Researchers from renowned Korean technical institute visit NADS
January 8, 2013Cub Scouts visit NADS and learn about technology and good driving habits
December 28, 2012Optometry Clinical Research publishes article on NADS
December 27, 2012KGAN-TV (Channel 2) Drives MiniSim for Story on Texting and Driving
October 20, 2012NADS receives funding to conduct research on drowsy and distracted drivers
September 6, 2012News Story: "Tractor readiness examined" (Gazette)
September 5, 2012Local ABC, CBS/Fox affiliates visit NADS to cover stories on teens and tractor safety
September 5, 2012NADS/Iowa study aimed at making tractors safer for kids
August 9, 2012ABC News Correspondent Takes Sleeping Pill and Drives the NADS-1
July 30, 2012STEM EPSCoR students tour NADS
July 27, 2012Veteran's Administration (VA) Interviews Dr. Ergun Uc (Neurology) at NADS
March 28, 2012CNN's Lizzie O'Leary takes to the road in the NADS-1 simulator to demonstrate the hazards of distracted driving
March 5, 2012NADS featured in Discovery Channel feature: "Patient Ed: Life Behind the Wheel"
August 3, 2011An Idea Worth Pursuing
July 26, 2011News Story: "Driving simulator aims to reduce fatality rates" (Press Citizen)
July 19, 2011News Story: "UI driving simulator develops software" (Press Citizen)
June 22, 2011Publication: Porter’s "Handbook of Traffic Psychology" highlights NADS in chapter on driving simulators as research tools (Academic Press)
June 22, 2011News Story: highlights NADS’ research on alcohol impairment detection
June 13, 2011Research: Brown co-authors papers on evaluation of crash warning interface for 22nd ESV Conference in Washington DC
June 13, 2011Research: Lee and Brown author paper on use of vehicle-based sensors for driver impairment detection for the 22nd ESV Conference in Washington DC
June 7, 2011NHTSA Regional meeting attendees tour NADS
May 12, 2011True North Insurance and NADS host heavy truck safety summit
May 11, 2011News Story: Iowa State University press release: Portable simulator helps to create safer driving experience
May 9, 2011UI Alumni Associates hosts open house at NADS
April 8, 2011FYI: Hawkeye spirit shines through at state capitol; Andrew Veit and Matt Bonney demonstrate MiniSim
February 11, 2011Students test effects of energy drinks on driving
February 11, 2011News Story: "Students test effects of energy drinks on driving" (Press Citizen)
December 15, 2010Virtual Iowa City featured on Presagis 2011 calendar
November 16, 2010News Story: "Who has the most advanced driving simulator -- UI or Lexus?" (Press Citizen)
November 15, 2010News Story: "U of I sees high-tech car devices improving road safety" (Des Moines Register)
November 8, 2010Researchers use car sensors to detect drunk driving, receive contract to study driver drowsiness
October 26, 2010U.S. Transportation Secretary LaHood comments on MiniSim distracted driving simulator at USA Science and Engineering Festival
July 15, 2010University of Iowa press release: UI takes driver safety training program on the road to Cargill
July 11, 2010NADS begins clinical validation study for the MiniSim
July 29, 2009Inside the World's Most Advanced Driving Simulator
June 15, 2009Research: Brown and Schwarz co-author paper on ESC implementation for heavy truck for 21st ESV Conference in Stuttgart, Germany
February 20, 2009Dr. Robert Bates (Eastern Illinois University) accompanied his driver training class on a tour of NADS
January 28, 2009Drs. Timothy Brown and John Lee were featured discussing cell phone use while driving in a KWWL news story about Iowa's proposed handheld cell phone ban
January 17, 2009Silent Crow Arts films segment at NADS for an upcoming Discovery Channel program
December 22, 2008DVICE films story about teen driving featuring NADS-1
December 17, 2008NHTSA visit
December 5, 2008Pearson tours NADS
November 12, 2008Outreach: Solon middle school students tour NADS for career day
November 6, 2008Eye health company and NADS clinical trial team discuss potential partnership
October 31, 2008IUPUI / TASI visit
October 23, 2008Goodyear Tire visit
October 21, 2008ADI discusses potential partnership options with NADS
October 20, 2008Manhattan Vision Associates, Institute for Vision Research discusses potential use of the NADS miniSim for clinical work
October 20, 2008Eye health company meets with NADS clinical trials team to discuss potential research
October 16, 2008UI IREH Visiting Scholar from Serbia tours NADS
October 10, 2008VP of True North Insurance Company meets with NADS researchers to discuss safety research
October 1, 2008Honda visits
October 1, 2008Outreach: UI Foundation tours NADS
September 24, 2008DARPA visit
September 19, 2008Bridgestone visits NADS
September 11, 2008NADS featured on the Big Ten Network Friday Night Tailgate
September 3, 2008Research: Jane Moeckli presents at the 4th International Conference on Traffic and Transport Psychology in Washington DC
August 19, 2008IDOT / The Statewide Traffic Records Coordinating Committee (STRCC) tours NADS
August 14, 2008Outreach: NADS staff featured in segment promoting Corridor business development
August 8, 2008Tour: UI Prof. Jasbir Arora and Japanese visiting professors tour NADS
August 7, 2008Tour: Neurology PhD students working with Dr. Rizzo tour NADS
July 31, 2008Tour: INCOSE Heartland Chapter tours NADS
July 25, 2008Meeting: Dr. Ernst, UIHC, meets with NADS staff to discuss research interests
July 24, 2008Outreach: Jeff Hoskinson films segment for his dancing through Iowa video
July 11, 2008Meeting: Dr. Jogerst meets with NADS staff to discuss research interests
July 8, 2008Meeting: Pharmaceutical company meets with NADS staff to discuss potential research
July 7, 2008Tour: Human factors engineering graduate students tour NADS
July 2, 2008Tour: Honda General Manager of NA tours NADS
November 12, 2007News Story: "NADS nets contract to study driver impairment" (Press Citizen)
July 15, 2007News Story: "U of I virtual program drives from red zone into the green" (Des Moines Register)
April 10, 2007News Story: "Combine driving, texting and iPod fiddling and what do you get?" (Press Citizen)
September 22, 2006News Story: U of I simulator used to test vehicle stability control systems (Des Moines Register)
June 19, 2006News Story: "Simulator driving ahead" (The Daily Iowan)
June 15, 2006News Story: "Driving simulator drains resources" (The Daily Iowan - Editorial)
June 6, 2006News Story: "University of Iowa overhauling driving simulator" (Press Citizen)
June 5, 2006News Story: U of I plans repairs for virtual program (Des Moines Register)
March 11, 2006News Story: "Driving simulator now under CCAD" (Press Citizen)
April 7, 2005News Story: Continental Wins Prestigious Award; Cites use of NADS for ESC
January 15, 2005News Story: "UI tries to make safer drivers" (Press Citizen)
November 6, 2004News Story: "I was a guinea pig at NADS" (Press Citizen)
August 6, 2004News Story: "Don’t Junk Driving Lab Over Expense" (Press Citizen)
August 3, 2004News Story: UI simulator costs taypayers
August 2, 2004News Story: "Government is biggest client" (Des Moines Register)
August 2, 2004News Story: "Simulator still needs support" (Des Moines Register)
August 1, 2004Outreach: Tim Brown's article on NADS appears in the Surface Transportation Technical Group (STTG) Newsletter
March 22, 2004News Story: NADS builds Corvette-based simulator to highlight dangers of drunk driving (Tech Center News)
March 8, 2004News Story: NADS Safety Study Finds 34% More Drivers Maintain Control With ESC
November 15, 2003Research: Salaani presents "Transport Delay Compensation...NADS" at ASME International Mechanical Engineering Congress in DC
October 1, 2003News Story: Iowa Alumni Magazine informs readers about Discovery Channel's visit to NADS to solve the mystery of Princess Diana's fatal car crash
September 26, 2003News Story: Daily Iowan reporter takes NADS out for a spin
August 20, 2003TV: Discovery Channel airs footage from NADS for show on Princess Diana’s car crash
August 17, 2003News Story: "Going foward; driving simulator gears up new projects" (Gazette)
July 20, 2003News Story: "Discovery Channel uses UI expertise" (Press Citizen)
June 1, 2003News Story: "Care to Till a Few Megabytes" (Popular Science)
March 22, 2003News Story: "Tanks in high gear" (The Gazette)
December 31, 2002News Story: "NADS Awarded $2.9 Million for Alcohol and Driver Performance Research" (UI News Services)
December 21, 2002News Story: "Driving simulator getting final prep" (Gazette)
December 21, 2002News Story: NADS to test drunk drivers (The Daily Iowan)
December 1, 2002News Story: "Driven to Distraction" (New York Times)
November 7, 2002News Story: ABC Primtime reports on biggest car crash in Los Angeles history with fog crash scenario help from NADS
October 29, 2002News Story: UI NADS to test cell phones, driving (The Daily Iowan)
October 29, 2002News Story: "UI to Get $6.6 Million for Studies" (Press Citizen)
October 24, 2002News Story: "'Drunks' to drive UI simulator" (Gazette)
October 23, 2002News Story: "Driving simulator put into use" (Press Citizen)
October 1, 2002News Story: "Driving-simulator officials to ponder fees" (The Daily Iowan)
September 21, 2002News Story: "U of I struggles to cover simulator" (Des Moines Register)
September 1, 2002News Story: The Elimination of Hazardous Driving Through Automotive Simulation (Real Time Graphics, Vol. 11 No. 3)
April 1, 2002News Story: Discover Magazine publishes article on NADS
February 5, 2002News Story: "NADS looking for a few good drivers" (Gazette)
January 1, 2002News Story: "UI in driver’s seat with simulator: University to take control of operation Wednesday" (Gazette)
November 6, 2001News Story: "Experts at conference praise driving simulator at U of I" (Des Moines Register)
November 4, 2001Research: Chen presents "NADS at UI: A Tool for Driving Safety Reserch" at 1st Human-Centered Transportation Simulation Conference in Iowa City
October 10, 2001News Story: "Mistakes are measured here, not towed away" (New York Times)
October 3, 2001News Story: "Audit: Driving simulator costs caused by lack of oversight; Private contractors allowed to spend more than budgeted" (Gazette)
October 3, 2001News Story: "U of I warded off federal bid to cut funds for simulator" (Des Moines Register)
October 1, 2001News Story: Scientific American publishes a story on the information highway and driving featuring NADS
September 14, 2001News Story: "Driving simulator visited" by Iowa Board of Regents (Gazette)
August 14, 2001News Story: "UI staff running simulator; GM, Ford have purchase order for collision study" (Gazette)
July 15, 2001News Story: "Driving simulator still idling; Delays, high costs continue to besiege UI-ISU project" (Gazette)
June 1, 2001Publication: Whalen & Schafer publish "NADS System Architecture" (Society of Automotive Engineers)
May 1, 2001News Story: "UI driving simulator project may finally get rolling in June" (Gazette)
April 29, 2001News Story: "Driving simulator stuck on a bumpy road; High-tech tool for highway safety is tardy, over budget, under attack" (Des Moines Register)
September 1, 2000News Story: "Driving simulator delayed 2nd time" (Des Moines Register)
March 23, 2000News Story: "Driving simulator: chills and spills, all in the same of safety" (New York Times)
January 7, 2000News Story: "Soon-to-be-replaced simulator comes to full stop" (Des Moines Register)
October 24, 1999News Story: "Here, the driver is indestructible; A simulator at U of I-Oakdale addresses safety" (Des Moines Register)
September 22, 1999News Story: "On the road to completion" (Gazette)
June 1, 1999Publication: Haug and Solis publish article on vehicle and tire simulation in Tire Technology International
May 26, 1999News Story: "U.S. Senate panel OK's U of I simulator funds" (Gazette)
April 3, 1999News Story: "Simulator contracted to test tanks" (Gazette)
September 3, 1998News Story: "Simulator's 'driving force' to exit" (Gazette)
October 24, 1997News Story: "UI to break ground Oct. 24 for world's most advanced driving simulator" (UI News Services)
January 15, 1996Publication: "The National Advanced Driving Simulator: Potential Applications to ITS and AHS Research" authored by D. Stall and S. Bourne
July 1, 1995Publication: "The Iowa Driving Simulator - An Immersive Research Environment" (IEEE Explore)
January 1, 1995Publication: "Estimating Demand for the National Advanced Driving Simulator" (Transportation Research Board-TRB)
August 18, 1992Publication: "Key Issues Confronting the National Advanced Driving Simulator" (US Government Accountability Office-GAO)


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