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A Multimedia, Interactive Data Verification and Reduction Tool for Use in Driving Simulator Research

Document Number:N2000-004
Document Type:Conference paper
Author(s):Ginger S. Watson
Yiannis E. Papelis
Matthew C. Schikore
Publication / Venue Name:IMAGE2000
Publication Date:2004-03-27
Abstract:After executing driving simulator studies, researchers are inundated with data containing primary vehicle state variables such as velocity, Cartesian position, and sensor inputs. These data must be reduced into meaningful quantities that often rely on relative measures against static or dynamic elements of the virtual environment. For example, following distance and time-to-collision depend not only on primary state variables, but also on mathematical relationships between the primary variables and other information. Characterizing driving, assessing human performance, and validating simulator performance require even higher-level data. Because the process for reducing and interpreting driving simulator data is not standardized, it is imperative to be able to visualize the data, both to verify its correctness and to help researchers understand it. Software tools in use and under development at The University of Iowa’s National Advanced Driving Simulator integrate online data collection and off-line data reduction and verification by providing interactive facilities for multi-modal visualization and manipulation of data using a hybrid of off-the-shelf and custom software. The linkage between binary data and digital video allows researchers not only to visualize the data, but also to quickly and automatically overview video and online written notes in correlated time.
Copyright:IMAGE Society
Keywords:data verification
data reduction

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