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Development of an Off-Road Agricultural Virtual Proving Ground

Document Number:N2003-014
Document Type:Conference paper
Author(s):Chris Schwarz
Samantha Hench
Brian Gilmore
Bernie Romig
Ginger Watson
Jeff Dolan
Shawn Allen
Stephen Cable
Publication / Venue Name:DSC-NA 2003
Publication Date:2003-10-08
Abstract:A virtual proving ground (VPG) was developed for use in agricultural applications using the National Advanced Driving Simulator (NADS). The VPG environment consists of a real-time tractor dynamics model, visual and terrain databases with areas suitable for various types of driving tasks, a physical tractor cab equipped with instrumented controls providing a realistic interface between the operator and the simulated environment, and a set of audio cues which provide realistic tractor sounds. This project marks the first time that a cab other than one of the four standard NADS cabs was integrated into the simulator. A baseline experiment established that the VPG environment was realistic as measured by operator workload and realism assessments. This paper highlights some of the development tasks required to create the VPG and integrate the new cab, and summarizes some results of the baseline experiment.
Copyright:None listed
Keywords:DSC-NA 2003
virtual proving ground

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