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Driving Simulation Scenario Definition Based on Performance Measures

Document Number:N2005-031
Document Type:Conference paper
Author(s):Yiannis Papelis
Omar Ahmad
Ginger Watson
Publication / Venue Name:DSCNA 2005
Publication Date:2005-11-30
Abstract:For many reasons, the development of a quantitative methodology for describing driving simulation scenarios has been elusive. Without a quantitative technique for describing scenarios, portability suffers and as a result, the ability of independently verifying results is diminished, something that sheds doubt to all driving simulation research activities. The challenge in creating a universal and quantitative technique for defining scenarios can be partially attributed to the different software packages utilized for creating and executing scenarios. However, even for scenarios produced by identical software codes, differences in simulator fidelity can have a profound effect on the actual scenario rendering, and in turn on the equivalence of such scenarios when run on different simulators. This paper describes some research towards a unified specification methodology that addresses scenario definition starting at the performance measures that a scenario is intended to sample. Once the performance measures have been identified, differences between software fidelity and rendering can be analyzed to ultimately determine effect on measuring the required performance. Whereas it may not always be possible to define scenarios that provide identical results even across simulators, having an understanding on how differences affect performance is a first step towards scenario portability.
Copyright:None listed
Keywords:performance measures
scenario definition

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