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Issues Related to the Commonality and Comparability of Driving Simulation Scenarios

Document Number:N2005-032
Document Type:Conference paper
Author(s):Omar Ahmad
Publication / Venue Name:IMAGE 2005
Publication Date:2005-07-10
Abstract:The primary motivation for using driving simulators for research is the ability to safely expose participants to traffic situations in a controlled and repeatable manner. The process by which a
simulation is programmed to expose participants to consistent situations is typically referred to as
scenario authoring. The ability to re-use, and in turn, replicate scenario events is critical in comparing
results across studies and/or different simulators. Unfortunately, scenario event replication is often a
time consuming and error prone process. This paper describes some fundamental issues involved in
scenario replication and presents a technique that allows accurate replication of scenario events with
minimal human effort.
Copyright:IMAGE Society (for one year)

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