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Design of Simulator Scenarios to Study the Effectiveness of Electronic Stability Control Systems

Document Number:N2006-006
Document Type:Conference paper
Author(s):Ginger S. Watson
Yiannis E. Papelis
Omar Ahmad
Publication / Venue Name:TRB 2006
Publication Date:2006-01-22
Abstract:The mission of the National Advanced Driving Simulator is to conduct highway safety research
that will reduce the annual loss of life on US roadways. The NADS is particularly well suited in
its ability to realistically replicate vehicle dynamics, and associated motion and visual cues, in
order to conduct complex experiments. It is unique in its ability to study vehicle control and loss
of control situations in a safe and controlled environment. These capabilities make it a perfect
device to study the effectiveness of electronic stability control systems (ESC) where proper
handling during loss of vehicle control is critical to assess system effectiveness.
This paper focuses on the challenges associated with creating repeatable, yet unexpected,
scenario events where loss of control is imminent for most drivers. The paper details the scenario
events designed for a large-scale experiment to study ESC, discusses data derived from these
scenarios, and presents findings of scenario effectiveness. The paper provides a discussion of
what constitutes loss of control and how to effectively measure its effect.
Keywords:Electronic Stability Control
scenario design

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