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Factors associated with simulator sickness in a high-fidelity simulator

Document Number:N2007-026
Document Type:Conference paper
Author(s):Cheryl Roe
Timothy Brown
Ginger Watson
Publication / Venue Name:Driving Simulation Conference-North America 2007
Publication Date:2007-09-01
Abstract:Sickness related to simulator use is a common problem that researchers face when designing experiments. The amount of time in the simulator, the number and length of drives, and the type of maneuver can be limited to minimize the likelihood of simulator sickness occurrence. This research describes the impact of time in a full motion simulator and number of drives on simulator sickness. Data from 11 studies representing 12 unique data sets using the National Advanced Driving Simulator will be examined. To access simulator sickness, a modified version of the Simulator Sickness Questionnaire (SSQ) was administered to participants in varying numbers and at various times depending on type of study and length of time. Regardless of the number of times the SSQ was collected, this paper examines the scores after the participant’s last drive for a day in the simulator and the attrition rates. The results show that the sickness-related attrition rates across the data sets is low, at 2.45% compared to reported attrition rates with other simulators. Over half of the participants who withdrew came from two similar studies that required a secondary task of using a cellular phone. This paper will address simulator sickness and categorize contributing factors associated with the maneuver type and length of exposure to the simulator.
Copyright:None listed
Simulator sickness

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