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Design of a Driving Simulation Sound Engine

Document Number:N2007-028
Document Type:Conference paper
Author(s):David Heitbrink
Stephen Cable
Publication / Venue Name:DSC-NA 2007
Publication Date:2007-09-12
Abstract:An integral part of any interactive simulation is sound. Traditionally this has been done with a high cost proprietary costume hardware/software solution. Recently we decided upgrade our sound system, and decided to go with a system based on off the shelf PC sound hardware. PC based sound cards have advanced rapidly over the last 10 years. They now offer 3D sound spatialization, reverberation, and many other important functions. Also, a large number of API’s have come out to support sound engine development. We choose FMOD by Firelight Technologies. This allowed us to focus on accurate synthesis of the main components of interior car noise (tire/road, engine, wind). We mostly used a wave table approach. Given this, we also decided to record new high quality engine and road/tire sounds. Over all we were able to put together an effective sound engine, in a relatively short period of time.
Copyright:None listed
Keywords:DSC-NA 2007
audio engine
sound engine
driving simulation

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