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Eye Tracking in a COTS PC-based Driving Simulator: Implementation and Applications

Document Number:N2011-001
Document Type:Conference paper
Author(s):Chris Schwarz
Yefei He
Andrew Veit
Publication / Venue Name:IMAGE
Publication Date:2011-06-01
Abstract:An eye tracker has been integrated with the NADS MiniSim, a COTS PC-based driving simulator based on the large motion-based NADS-1. This work was motivated by increasing use of eye tracker data for both research and safety system simulation. Two new capabilities have been developed for the MiniSim. A gaze marker provides instantaneous feedback of the driver's gaze location on the visual display. Also, dynamic scenario triggers may be added to begin events when the driver's glance leaves the front scene. Meanwhile, eye-based algorithms have been developed for NADS studies; and one such algorithm has been ported to the MiniSim platform. These new capabilities broaden the utility of the MiniSim as a research platform. Additionally, they provide tools with which to creatively provide feedback to the driver/trainer both during and after a training scenario.
Keywords:eye tracking

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