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NADS Imaging System Upgrade

Document Number:N2015-023
Document Type:Conference paper
Author(s):David Heitbrink
Andrew Veit
Dave Muller
Stephen Cable
Publication / Venue Name:IMAGE 2015
Publication Date:2015-07-07
Abstract:After many years of service, the National Advanced Driving Simulator needed a new imaging system. The existing projectors and image generator [IG] had become outdated and worn out. The old projector system was replaced with a new design using LED projectors. The old image generator was replaced with a cluster of PCs using NVIDIA GPUs. The new systems were designed and integrated in-house. Software was developed for the image generator and for projector control and tuning.

Topics discussed regarding the projector system include: Projector system design strategy; projector selection process; mounting system; video and control signal distribution; projector control software; and projector alignment and tuning software.

Topics discussed regarding the new IG system include: IG system design strategy; cluster control and synchronization; communication protocols; rendering software; and image warping and blending software.
Copyright:None listed
Keywords:image generator

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