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Scripting Automation for a Graphical Scenario Authoring System

Document Number:N2011-002
Document Type:Conference paper
Author(s):David Heitbrink
Publication / Venue Name:IMAGE
Publication Date:2011-06-01
Abstract:Scenario authoring at the National Advanced Driving Simulator (NADS) uses an interactive graphical tool that permits non-technical people to create scenarios without requiring any programming experience. This tool, the Interactive Scenario Authoring Tool (ISAT), has been enhanced by the addition of a scripting system for automation and facilitating authoring tasks. ISAT scripting (ISC) goals are: 1.Reduce the time to add new features to ISAT through automation, 2. Enable experienced programmers to build standardized scenario event components that other users can incorporate into other scenarios, and 3. Automate highly repetitive scenarios that contain similar events. Authoring highly reparative scenarios using a purely graphical interface can be a time consuming, monotonous, and potentially error prone process.

Inspired by LOGO, the ISC language is designed to automate placement and manipulation of scenario objects (including visible scenario objects, and control objects) with simple direction commands that navigate a road network. An ISC script can ask the user questions, such as asking how far ahead from a point in the environment to place or select an object. Once an ISC script is created, the user can drop the script into the scenario and the script will start executing at the point where the users drop it into the scenario. Overall ISC has been successful providing automation for a series of manual tasks, reducing repetitive task performed by scenario authors, reducing scenario creation time, and decreasing authoring errors.

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