The MiniSim™ Driving Simulator

The NADS MiniSim™ is high-performance driving simulator software designed for research, development, clinical and training applications.

The core software is based on the state-of-the-art driving simulation technology that has been developed through decades of research at the National Advanced Driving Simulator and The University of Iowa.

The MiniSim™ core harnesses the technology found in the world’s most advanced driving simulator, the NADS-1, into a smaller footprint at a lower cost. The MiniSim™ has been designed to be integrated with a variety of hardware and software components tailored to suit client requirements.

Most importantly, the MiniSim™ system provides a community of like-minded developers, researchers and scientists. An open exchange of ideas, problems, and solutions.

Forward view
Fully reconfigurable instrumentation


Intuitive scenario editing
Direct MATLAB output
Easy collaboration
Direct feedback on future versions
• Research
• Development
• Training
• Clinical Trials
• Roadway Design

Optional Accessories:
• NADS Video Capture
• Eyetracking
• faceLAB™ 5
• Smart Eye
• TNO Peripheral Detection Task


One simulator. Many forms.

MiniSim™ software is adept at recreating a realistic driving experience, but it doesn't stop at normal domestic traffic. If it's a ground-based vehicle, the MiniSim™ can tailored to simulate it.

Best of all, you don't necessarily need to load out on workstation class hardware to do the trick. For basic simulation, the hardware requirements are relatively modest.




View typical configurations

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Container yard
(with inset view)
Commercial heavy truck



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Powerful tools.

The MiniSim™ system includes three tools:
- The MiniSim™ driving simulator
- The ISAT (Interactive Scenario Authoring Tool)
- The TMT (Tile Mosaic Tool)

(Interactive Scenario Authoring Tool)