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Extending parental mentoring using an event-triggered video intervention in rural teen drivers

Document Number:N2007-021
Document Type:Journal paper
Author(s):Daniel McGehee
Mireille Raby
Cher Carney
John Lee
Michelle Reyes
Publication / Venue Name:Journal of Safety Research
Publication Date:2007-03-28
Abstract:Teen drivers are at high risk for car crashes, especially during their first years of licensure. Providing novice teen drivers and their parents with a means of identifying their risky driving maneuvers may help them learn from their mistakes, thereby reducing their crash propensity. During the initial phase of learning, adult or parental supervision often provides such guidance. However, once teens obtain their license, adult supervision is no longer mandated, and teens are left to themselves to continue the learning process. This study is the first of its type to enhance this continued learning process using an event-triggered video device. By pairing this new technology with parental feedback in the form of a weekly video review and graphical report card, we extend parents' ability to teach their teens even after they begin driving independently. Twenty-six 16- to 17-year-old drivers were recruited from a small U.S. Midwestern rural high school. We equipped their vehicles with an event-triggered video device, designed to capture 20-sec clips of the forward and cabin views whenever the vehicle exceeded lateral or forward threshold accelerations. Preliminary findings suggest that combining this emerging technology with parental weekly review of safety-relevant incidents resulted in a significant decrease in events for the more at-risk teen drivers. Implications for how such an intervention could be implemented within GDL are also discussed.
Body:No files listed
Copyright:National Safety Council and Elsevier Ltd.
Keywords:Teen drivers
Novice drivers
Naturalistic driving
Monitoring devices
Parental feedback

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